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KSI and Swarmz get heated, start shoving at weigh-in for Saturday’s fight

Tensions continue to rise ahead of Saturday’s match and are already boiling over in Friday’s weigh-in.

KSI is seen in actio during a Open Workout at Camden Boxing Club on August 24, 2022 in London, England. Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Fans of YouTube star KSI are in for a treat on Saturday night, as he looks to return to the boxing ring for the first time since 2019. In a stunning move, KSI highlights a doubleheader, featuring a bout with rapper Swarmz and boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda on the same card. Weigh-ins for the event were on Friday, and in their final face-off ahead of the bout, things got heated.

KSI definitely showed up looking ripped, weighing in at 180 pounds. Swarmz, however, weighed in at 199 pounds — just barely missing the cut-off for cruiserweight (175-200 pounds). Things didn’t get too crazy before being separated, but it’s a nice look ahead at things to come.