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Who should you pick 1.07 in your fantasy football draft?

We go over what to do if you have the No. 7 pick in your fantasy football draft

NFL: Tennesee Titans Training Camp George Walker IV-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy football season is upon us, and by now, I’m sure you’ve done several if not dozens of mock drafts to try and get the perfect team. When picking at No. 7, you’re at the mercy of everyone in front of you. Depending on the league, you could have it go in the order of the average draft position of have someone go the board with a player they really like and believe in. It’s not all bad through, as some good players and high volume point getters available. We’re going to look at the ADP option as well as the best options in a PPR or standard league.

What does ADP say about the #7 overall pick?

At this, you will likely look for a receiver unless a running back you like falls. This is normally the point in the draft where a run on wide receivers begins to take place. The person you pick here needs to be someone who receives a lot of targets, especially in a PPR league. However, there is still value for running backs in this spot if that is where you choose to go. In a PPR league go it could be best to go with a back that can catch passes out of the backfield as well.

Who should I pick at #7 in PPR?

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry would be a good option here despite not catching many passes out of the backfield. Henry gets so many yards that it doesn’t matter about the lack of receptions. His numbers are skewed from last season because he only played in eight games, but in 2020 he averaged 20 points in a PPR league, which was best for third amongst running backs. Henry is a workhorse that just keeps on going, so ride with him until the wheels fall off.

Who should I pick at #7 in standard?

In a standard-scoring league, you may have to go with a different option like Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris. As a rookie, he rushed for 1200 yards on the ground behind a bad offensive line. The offensive line isn’t much improved, but if he was able to get that production last year, repeating it is possible. They should have slightly better quarterback play as well, which helps. In a standard-scoring league he ranked third last season amongst running backs with about 18 points per game.