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Who should you pick 1.03 in your fantasy football draft?

We go over what to do if you have the No. 3 pick in your fantasy football draft

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

After the first two names have been called off the board the third overall pick can both shape your fantasy team as well as impact the rest of the draft. If you’re in a snake format, chances are that you want to hit the mark with your first pick since you’ll be waiting a bit for your next turn. Getting maximum value is key in drafting number three overall, and we’re breaking down who you should pick in both point-per-reception and standard leagues.

What does ADP say about the #3 overall pick?

Mock drafts favor running backs strongly with the top five overall picks, and the theme is consistent with the third overall pick. The fondness makes sense given that running backs heavily influence how successful an offense can be. From a fantasy perspective, running backs get carries early and often and are the likely beneficiaries of goal-line scoring opportunities. For these reasons, we’re siding in choosing a running back with the third overall pick in both PPR and standard leagues.

Who should I pick at #3 in PPR?

Austin Ekeler is the choice at number three in PPR fantasy drafts, and he’s heading into the perfect situation for the 2022 season. Ekeler recorded career-highs in rushing yards (911) and finished with his second-highest total in receiving yards (647) last season. He also led the Los Angeles Chargers in rushing attempts (206) and finished top-three in receiving targets (94). The maximum value you can get out of players in PPR leagues is one that is involved in both the ground game and the passing attack.

Ekeler fits the bill and should continue to see consistent production with the roster around him. Justin Herbert has been pegged as an MVP favorite, and having that talent under center should benefit Ekeler in regard to receiving targets. He finished top-10 in PPR scoring in 2021, and with heightened expectations for the Chargers this season it’s not a stretch to assume Ekeler could crack the top-five in PPR scoring.

Who should I pick at #3 in standard?

Even without the added scoring benefit with each reception, Ekeler makes sense to draft at number three in standard scoring as well. His involvement in both the ground game and passing game gives you the best of both worlds. Sure, you could lean heavily into the run game by selecting Derrick Henry or opt for an elite receiver like Cooper Kupp. But Ekeler gives you a healthy balance of scoring as a runner and receiver. Better yet, he’s playing in what is expected to be a highly competitive division.

The AFC West loaded up as a whole in the offseason, and there really is no stopping any one of the four offenses in that division. The only way to beat your division rivals in the AFC West is to outscore them. That bodes well for Ekeler’s fantasy production in standard-scoring leagues. As long as he remains heavily involved for the Chargers to win on Sundays, that means you’re getting a stud in drafting Ekeler at number three.