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Who should you pick 1.02 in your fantasy football draft?

We go over what to do if you have the No. 2 pick in your fantasy football draft

Washington Football Team v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

If you’re sitting with the second overall pick in your fantasy draft chances are that you have a few scenarios running through your head. Granted, you won’t know which player is available to you until the first name gets called off the board. But once you’re on the clock you have the chance to either follow the average draft position (ADP) trends or settle on a player you really like. We’re breaking down what the consensus thinking is around the second overall pick, and making our recommendations for both point-per-reception and standard scoring drafts.

What does ADP say about the #2 overall pick?

Continuing a similar trend for the top five picks, ADP points towards fantasy managers selecting a running back at number two overall. Given the limited depth at the position as you continue on further into the draft, it places more importance on snagging a household running back early and often. If you’re selecting number two overall and making the first addition to your team, you want to go with a player that will guarantee both a high volume of production and greater scoring opportunities.

Historically, star running backs will fit the bill for both those goals. Tailbacks are guaranteed carries on the field since an efficient run game is also vital for the play-action to be successful. And as high-powered offenses move the chains towards the end zone, running backs are typically given the first shot at goal-line scoring opportunities. With the number two pick, you want a player that will be involved heavily in a team’s offense, and running backs are always a central part of the offensive scheme.

Who should I pick at #2 in PPR?

Disregard the recent injury history for just a quick second, and the consensus thinking is to draft Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey with the second pick in PPR drafts. Yes, he’s appeared in just 10 total games over the past two seasons, but prior to that McCaffrey was arguably the most dominant fantasy player at his position, and perhaps in all of fantasy football. In PPR scoring formats you are rewarded when your players rack up receptions, and you get the most value out of players that are prominent in both the run game and the receiving game.

When healthy, there is arguably no player that can be as imposing as a runner or receiver like McCaffrey. He’s also the heartbeat of a Panthers offense that is limited in weapons, so the likelihood of him getting touches and targets is arguably a guarantee. Health is the only cause for concern in this pick, but so long as he’s healthy then McCaffrey makes sense as the second player off the board.

Who should I pick at #2 in standard?

Even if your league opts for standard scoring, McCaffrey is still a consensus pick for the second overall pick. Just look at his 2019 season, when he finished with 1,387 yards rushing and 15 touchdowns to go along with 1,005 yards receiving and four touchdowns through the air. That type of production is like seeing a running back and receiver combined into one player. Even if you’re not getting the extra scoring per reception, the total yards and touchdowns more than makeup for it.

Again, health is the deciding factor here when predicting what type of season McCaffrey is in for. But so long as the injuries don’t plague him for a third straight season, it’s difficult to pass on drafting McCaffrey at number two. He’s by far the Panthers’ best player on offense and likely the engine of the offense overall, which provides the greatest value when drafting your fantasy roster.