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Will Aaron Donald be suspended for fight with Bengals?

Rams DE goes ballistic in practice melee.

Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald (99) during training camp at University of California Irvine. Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl teams from last season practiced and scrimmaged this week, and the scene turned south on Thursday. The two teams brawled, which happens in these joint practices, but the defensive star of the league, Aaron Donald, took it to another level, swinging two Bengals helmet in the melee.

The video that surfaced on the internet doesn’t give us any context, but you can see Donald flinging those helmets. Of course, if this were in a real game, Donald would have been ejected and likely suspended for a game or two and fined. But what about joint practices?

According to Washington Post reporter Mark Maske, the NFL doesn’t have jurisdiction when it comes to practices.

The Rams likely won’t suspend their star player with a game against the Bills on opening night, so at this point it doesn’t look like he’ll face much, if any, punishment.