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Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy partner with PGA TOUR for TGL indoor team golf in 2024

This looks to be a hybrid of virtual and actual golf, with the goal of playing on Monday nights in prime time with PGA TOUR players.

Tiger Woods waits during Day Two of The 150th Open at St Andrews Old Course on July 15, 2022 in St Andrews, United Kingdom. Photo by MB Media/Getty Images

Tiger Woods was vocally against the LIV Golf League. Now he and Rory McIlroy are partnering with the PGA TOUR to take on the startup in primetime.

Today Woods and McIlroy announced TGL as “a new tech-infused golf league in partnership with the PGA TOUR.” The whole thing will be housed under a new TMRW Sports Group entity, with TMRW pronounced “tomorrow” apparently.

TGL will showcase team matches fusing advanced tech and live action from a custom-built venue in primetime on Monday nights, which will complement the current PGA TOUR schedule

So here’s the video, but let’s stipulate this whole thing looks weird.

Here’s a pic from the website, which gives no details on how this will work other than it’s in a 3-on-3 team format and will start in January of 2024.

So is the deal that players will be hitting in a virtual bay like you would at any indoor golf simulator facility anywhere, and then have their ball placed on or around the actual green to hole out? And then the pin placements, greens, and bunkers move to fit the actual hole? Because that’s what we’re guessing here, and while it’s a cool idea ... can they build an actual league around this?

Aren’t you watching this a couple times and saying “huh, cool!” Then maybe you’d want to try it yourself. But are you turning off the NBA or NHL to watch it? Questionable.

We’ll see if it works, and having the two most high-wattage stars in the sport can’t hurt. We’ll check it out, but this looks closer to Holey Moley than an elite golf event for now.