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2022 Reignmaker Field Pass & Player Card NFTs Utility Update

Chirag Hira breaks down the latest update for DraftKings’ upcoming Reignmakers Football Collection and the Player Card NFTs.

We have more information about the 2022 Reignmakers Football Collection! It’s time to break down all of the new details that were released about Field Pass and Player Card utility.

For the full breakdown of the roadmap, please visit the Reignmakers Football Landing Page.

2022 Field Pass Utility - Airdrop Info

On July 11th at 1 p.m. ET, 2022 Field Pass owners will have the snapshot taken to receive a free airdrop pack from the Field Pass Promo set. These airdrops will contain a random top NFL Player Card NFT.

Airdrops will land in accounts by the end of the day on July 11, and you will be able to open them on July 14 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Users will receive an unopened pack containing a single card with the same rarity tier as their Field Pass for the airdrop.

The pack will contain a card from a big-name player from the approved list. This is important to help solidify your collection since the airdropped card can allow you to potentially field a stronger lineup in the game at minimal cost with a pass that has future utility.

Unopened packs will also be available to buy and sell on the DraftKings Marketplace.

The airdrop will also allow you to collect cards with low serial numbers, which will also be beneficial in the game to help break ties in a matchup.

2022 Field Pass Utility - Preferred Access

The 2022 Reignmakers Football Field Pass holders will receive early access to a variety of drops, starting with the GENESIS Set releasing in early August. They will also earn guaranteed access to purchase at least one pack from this set.

Full details about the GENESIS Set are coming soon, but here’s what we know so far:

  • There will be 3 tiers of packs in the GENESIS drop - RARE, ELITE and LEGENDARY
  • The higher tier Field Pass you hold, the better access you will have to purchase GENESIS packs during the presale period
  • 1/3 of the total packs available will be allocated to the pre-sale exclusive to Field Pass holders

Field Pass holders will enjoy similar presale benefits to Reignmakers Football drops throughout the 2022 season.

2022 Field Pass Utility - New Announcements

A bunch of new benefits for 2022 Reignmakers Football Field Pass holders was announced recently! Let’s run through all of them:

Franchise Score Boost up to 5%:

  • Various prizes and awards will be given based on your Franchise score throughout the season
  • Field Pass holders will receive a boost based on the highest single tier of Field Pass that they hold

Marketplace Crowns Accrual Boost up to 100%:

  • Field Pass holders will receive Boosted Crowns accrual for all Reignmakers Football purchases in the DraftKings Marketplace
  • Crowns will help users achieve higher loyalty status on DraftKings and can also be redeemed for site credits or other rewards

Week 1 Field Pass Holder Only Contest

  • Field Pass holders will be invited to an exclusive Week 1 Reignmaker Football contest

Exclusive Swag Drops

  • Field Pass holders will receive a free Reignmakers Football swag drop with contents based on the tier of Field Pass held, along with other exclusive swag offerings

Week 1 NFL Daily Fantasy Football Freeroll with $10,000 in prizing per tier

  • Each of the five tiers will have its own $10,000 freeroll. Users will receive one entry per field pass that they hold in that tier

Weekly DraftKings Sportsbook Free Bet, up to $100 per week

  • Users will receive a Free Bet on DraftKings Sportsbook each week of the 2022 NFL season, with the size of the Free Bet based on the tier of Field Pass that they hold

Field Pass Holders will also receive a right to renew their Field Pass for the 2023 season prior to the 2023 Field Passes being made available to the public.

2022 Reignmaker Football Player Card NFT - Future Year Utility

We know quite a bit about the 2022 Reignmakers Football Player Card NFT collection, but what happens after the season ends?

DraftKings is already looking ahead. Each future season of Reignmakers Football will be built to support and provide utility for prior-season Player Card NFTs.

  • Contests will be offered where Player Card NFTs from prior seasons can be used to compete for various prizes
  • Prior season Player Card NFTs will give some level of benefit towards your current season’s Franchise Score
  • Missions and Achievements will become available that reward prior-season Player Card holders
  • Holders of prior-season NFTs will be able to elect to surrender, or “burn”, prior year Player Card NFTs in order to receive specific upgrades
  • Prior season Player Card NFTs will continue to be supported in the DraftKings Marketplace for buying and selling

That’s everything we know from the latest news about the DraftKings 2022 Reignmakers Football season! Stay tuned for more updates as details are revealed.

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