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Ferrari likely costs Charles Leclerc a podium finish with poor tire decision at Hungarian Grand Prix

The team opted to go for hard tires despite everyone struggling with them.

F1 Grand Prix of Hungary
Charles Leclerc of Monaco driving the Ferrari F1-75 on track during the F1 Grand Prix of Hungary at Hungaroring on July 31, 2022 in Budapest, Hungary.
Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Ferrari is in the news once again for the wrong reasons. This time, the team made what ended up being a colossal mistake at the Hungarian Grand Prix when it opted to bring Charles Leclerc into the pits to change to hard tires. Here’s the tweet from Ferrari depicting what would be the ill-fated moment.

Despite every driver struggling to grip the road on hard tires due to poor weather conditions, Ferrari opted to make the change. Leclerc was in third place at the time of the change, heading for a podium finish while potentially contending for the win. He finished in sixth place, while teammate Carlos Sainz ended the race in fourth. Max Verstappen bagged another victory for Red Bull.

This decision comes a week after the team pitted Sainz at the French Grand Prix, opting to change his tires after Leclerc had crashed out of the race. Sainz was in third at the time of that pit stop and finished in fifth place. We’ll see if there’s a shakeup in the strategy group at Ferrari due to these moves in back-to-back weeks.