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Friday Night Smackdown preview: Three questions heading into July 29 episode

Asking the necessary questions about tonight’s Smackdown from State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Wrestling: WWE-Royal Rumble Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

WWE Friday Night Smackdown comes live from State Farm Arena in Atlanta tonight as the company sits just 24 hours away from SummerSlam in Nashville on Saturday.

Whether it’s an extremely important episode or a completely throwaway show that will be forgotten about in two weeks, there’s always questions that surround each edition of Friday Night Smackdown. I’ll ask a few pertaining to tonight’s episode.

How will WWE put finishing touches on build to SummerSlam?

We’re just one day away from the big show on Nashville and this will be the company’s final crack at selling the pay-per-view. Since the WWE started doing Saturday PPVs, we usually don’t see much of the heavy hitters on the Smackdown episode the night before. But one has to wonder if that will be different tonight.

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns haven’t been confirmed to appear tonight and we’ll most likely get a video package for their universal title match. But one/both of these guys making a surprise appearance wouldn’t be outside of the realm of possibility. Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan most likely won’t be in action ahead of her title match against Ronda Rousey, but we could see the two combatants mix it up physically to add some juice to their match. And then there’s always the possibility of stars from Raw pulling up to promote their respective showdowns. We’ll see.

What are the rules of a “Donnybrook” match?

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus are noticeably absent from the SummerSlam card but they will be in action tonight in a No. 1 contender’s match. The stipulation? It’s a “Donnybrook” match.

What is a “Donnybrook” match? Is it no disqualification? Are there special rules pertaining to these two particular brawlers? We’ll find all find out tonight?

What will be in store for the winners of Viking Raiders-New Day?

Also off the SummerSlam card are the Viking Raiders and the New Day, who will seemingly blow off their month-long feud with a match tonight. One has to wonder if this will be a de-facto No. 1 contender’s match for the tag titles.

The Usos and Street Profits are set to face each other at the ppv and whoever emerges victorious will potentially have a team ready to face them right off the bat. Let’s see who walks out with the win tonight.