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Fiesta Bowl now sponsored by Vrbo in 2022 season

The Fiesta Bowl will be one of the two College Football Playoff semifinal games in 2022.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Megan Mendoza/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Move over Sony, there’s a new sponsor for the Fiesta Bowl.

The bowl announced on Monday that it has begun a new partnership with vacation rental company Vrbo, who will be the title sponsor for the game. This officially ends the affiliation with PlayStation, who had sponsored the game since December of 2016.

Like many of its contemporaries, the Fiesta Bowl has undergone changes in sponsorship throughout the years. Companies like Sunkist (1986-1990), IBM (1993-1995), Vizio (December 2014), BattleFrog (January 2016), and the aforemention PlayStation have all had turns being the marquee sponsor for the games.

For many college football fans, the most memorable sponsor for the Fiesta Bowl was Tostitos, who served as the lead sponsor of the game from 1996 through January of 2014. Iconic moments like the 2003 BCS National Championship Game between Ohio State and Miami and Boise State’s upset of Oklahoma in 2007 happened during the Tostitos era, leaving many to still refer to the game as the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. We’ll see if the Vrbo brand can etch itself into the minds of college football fans.