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Most runs scored in a single MLB game: Did the Blue Jays make history on Friday?

The Red Sox took a beating Friday night they won’t forget.

Teoscar Hernandez #37 of the Toronto Blue Jays places a jacket on Danny Jansen #9 after Jansen hit a two-run home run against the Boston Red Sox during the sixth inning at Fenway Park on July 22, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts. Photo by Brian Fluharty/Getty Images

The Boston Red Sox took a beating on Friday night by their divisional rival, the Toronto Blue Jays, with the team having scored a mind-blowing 28 runs on the day.

Dating back to 1945, there have only been four other instances where a team scored more than 26 runs in a single game. These teams are the 2007 Rangers (30 runs), 1950 Red Sox (29), 2020 Braves (29), and 1955 White Sox (29).

The highest-scoring MLB game of all time came back in 1979, when the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs combined for 45 runs to finish 23-22. Just imagine the night of lost sleep after scoring 22 runs... and losing the game. Since 2000, there have been just eight instances where there were 33 or more combined runs scored in a single game, including Friday’s AL East showdown between the Blue Jays and Red Sox.