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How to play the Bachelorette fantasy game in Season 19

Here’s how to play along with Season 19 of the Bachelorette.

ABC’s “The Bachelorette” - Season 19

The new season of The Bachelorette will begin on Monday, July 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. For the first time in the American version of the show, there are two planned bachelorettes. Rachel Reccia and Gabby Windey will don the titular roles as they look for love. They will be competing for the affections of the same 32 men, but we have been assured in interviews their attention was to help each other and not hinder. Time will tell, but either way, there is going to be some drama.

Along with the return of The Bachelorette, that means that Fantasy Bachelorette is also back! For this year, we will be referring to’s website for fantasy bachelorette. I am in the Not Here To Make FOTS group if you want to play along!

Fantasy Bachelorette is the merger between fantasy sports and the very dramatic Bachelorette reality tv show. Various activities are awarded or subtracted points depending on what happens during the weekly episodes. For example, if one of the contestants secures a kiss from Gabby or Rachel in Week 1, they will be rewarded with five points. However, the first person to mention Clayton, who was their Bachelor last season, will lose five points.

More examples of possible points include:

5 points

The first person to grab Gabby for solo time after the limo intros
The first person to grab Rachel for solo time after the limo intros
First person to say “I was hoping it would be you” to either of the contestants

10 points

Receives the First Impression Rose from either bachelorette
First person to mention their child to either bachelorette
First contestant to kiss both bachelorettes in the same episode (scandal!)

-5 points

Vomming (get it together man)
First person to make a cheerleading pun
First person to make a pilot pun

-10 points

First person to mention Clayton (the previous bachelor who broke their hearts)


First person to call the bachelorette by the wrong name

Once we get into the weeks and further into the show there are easier ways for contestants to get points, like who reads the date card or who is the first to say the L word. When it comes to no-nos, you better hope your contestant doesn’t make any puns about the occupations of Gabby or Rachel

Each week, you can log on to and you will select a number of contestants who will be your point earners/losers for the week. Your goal is to score as many points as possible each week throughout the season! In the premiere on Monday, you will become better acquainted with the contestants but a quick google search could give you plenty of information for the first night.

At the end of the day, this is a way to have a deepened rooting interest in the show. If you find out your pick this week is going to be the jerk of the season, you don’t have to pick him next week! All-in-all, it is a chance for you to have more fun while already watching an entertaining show.

For full point-related questions, you will want to look under the “rules” section whenever you join a league. The list is EXTENSIVE and trying to transcribe it all into this article would have taken way too much time. Happy playing!