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Who is the villain in Ms. Marvel TV show?

We go over who the antagonist is in the upcoming Marvel series on Disney+.

Aramis Knight attends Marvel Studios’ “Eternals” premiere on October 18, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Emma McIntyre/WireImage

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will be introduced to Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel arrives on Disney+ on June 8. Actress Iman Vellani will portray the titular character: a Pakistani-American teenager from Jersey City that holds shapeshifting abilities which grant her increased strength. As Kamala struggles to fit in both in her personal life as well as her newly acquired superpowers, it is a constant battle to juggle both worlds.

All the while she continues to face formidable threats along the way, and it will be no different for her live-action Disney+ series. With more to be revealed as the season premieres, here is who we know will be facing off against Ms. Marvel as of now.

Who is the villain in Ms. Marvel?

Though details have been scarce regarding if one or more foes will appear in Ms. Marvel, the casting list has confirmed that Kareem, aka the vigilante Red Dagger, will appear in the Disney+ series. Red Dagger is an expert marksman whose choice of weapon is his throwing knives.

In the Marvel comics history, Red Dagger is closely associated with Kamala Khan. Kareem’s mother and Kamala’s maternal aunt went to secondary school together. Kareem also lived with Kamala’s grandmother in Karachi, Pakistan.

Given that Red Dagger is a vigilante who protects the people of Pakistan as his alias, it remains to be seen whether he will appear as a foe to Ms. Marvel for the entirety of the season. It may not be far-fetched to assume that as Ms. Marvel rises to prominence in the show, he comes face to face with her so as to deem her an ally or a threat. By the conclusion of the series, we could very well see both of them work together to stop a larger threat.

Who is playing the villain?

Aramis Knight will be portraying Kareem, aka the Red Dagger in the Ms. Marvel series. Knight had a supporting role in the 2013 film adaptation of Ender’s Game as well as a minor role in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. On television Knight most recently portrayed M.K. in the series Into the Badlands, which ran from 2015 to 2019.