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Report: USC, UCLA looking to leave Pac-12 for Big Ten

A longtime Pac-12 reporter drops a bombshell on Friday afternoon.

University of Southern California vs Stanford University
Closeup rear view of USC helmet with Pac12 logo and USA flag during game vs Stanford at Los Angeles Coliseum. Equipment. Los Angeles, CA
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USC and UCLA are reportedly looking to leave the Pac-12 conference and move to the Big Ten as early as 2024, per Jon Wilner. It’s crazy to think of the Pac-12’s two premier schools looking to move to the Midwest, but that’s the nature of college football realignment.

This will take a lot of willpower and negotiation from the California schools, as the Pac-12 is not about to lose their two flagship institutions. USC just went all-in on its football program by hiring Lincoln Riley away from Oklahoma, and there’s no way the Pac-12 is going to let the Big Ten take away the potential rise of a superpower. UCLA has been a consistent force on the hardwood, which is an area the Pac-12 traditionally struggles in. The conference won’t give up that asset without a fight.

We’ll see if this has any major legs going forward, or whether it’s a college realignment rumor gone a bit too far off the reservation.