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Monday Night Raw preview: Three questions heading into June 20

Asking the necessary questions about tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw from Lincoln, NE

Syndication: Montgomery Shannon Heupel

WWE Monday Night Raw comes live from Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE and we’re marching towards the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in less than two weeks.

Whether it’s an extremely important episode or a completely throwaway show that will be forgotten about in two weeks, there are always questions that surround each edition of Monday Night Raw. I’ll ask some pertaining to tonight’s episode.

Who will win Money in the Bank qualifier between Asuka-Becky Lynch?

These two longtime foes will square off in a Money in the Bank qualifying match and the simple question is who will walk out on top?

Both superstars would be worthy additions to the ladder match and would be marked as a favorite to win. Lynch is literally on the poster for the ppv and Money in the Bank is one of the few accomplishments that he has yet to achieve in her career. At the same time, her desperate descent into madness without the Raw Women’s Championship has been building in recent weeks and they could continue that character arc by having her lose here. We shall see.

Will Brock Lesnar and/or Roman Reigns appear on tonight’s episode?

With the Roman Reigns’ supposed opponent for SummerSlam Randy Orton reportedly out for the rest of the year with a back injury, the WWE once again pressed the Brock Lesnar button at the close of last week’s episode of Smackdown. As a result, we are getting Reigns vs. Lesnar (again) for the title at SummerSlam in a Last Man Standing match.

One has to wonder if either man will appear on tonight’s episode considering that this match was obviously thrown together over the weekend. The company has a month to build towards the showdown so I’d imagine they wouldn’t be in a hurry to trot them out on television. Besides, it’s not like there’s anything necessarily new to say about this never-ending feud.

What will we get with the Elias concert?

Folks, Elias is back.

Ezekiel announced during last week’s show that his brother would make his long anticipated return to Monday Night Raw tonight and hold a concert for old time’s sake. So what’s going to happen? Will Elias grace us with new songs? Will Kevin Owens interrupt the festivities? Will we get a brother duet with Elias and Ezekiel? We’ll find out.