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2022 NBA Draft scouting report for New Zealand F Ousmane Dieng

We break down New Zealand F Ousmane Dieng with a scouting report and outlook heading into the 2022 NBA Draft.

NBL Rd 19 - New Zealand v Sydney Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images

The 2022 NBA Draft order has been set and the list of eligible players is officially locked in. We’re going to take a look at the top prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and provide a player comparison for how we see them developing at the next level. Here’s a look at New Zealand F Ousmane Dieng.

Update — The Thunder traded with the Knicks for Dieng at the No. 11 pick.

Ousmane Dieng Draft Profile

Dieng appeared in 23 games for the New Zealand Breakers in the NBL, averaging 8.9 PPG, 3.2 RPG, and 1.1 APG. He shot 39% from the floor, 27% from beyond the arc, and 66% from the charity stripe. While those numbers may not jump off the page and his shooting percentages could certainly improve, Dieng did play professionally at just 18 years old, making the 6’10” wing one of the youngest prospects in this draft class.


At just 18 years old Dieng has tremendous upside as a long-term development project in the NBA. One aspect of his game that is already drawing praise is his impressive passing. Dieng has displayed impressive vision for the floor when the ball is in his hands, and his upside on offense is arguably his greatest trait heading into the draft.


At such a young age it's clear that he has plenty of room to grow into his potential, and the immediate parts of the game that he can seek to improve are his shooting numbers. In particular, the 66% mark from the free-throw line leaves plenty to be desired and he would do well in increasing that percentage as he heads into the league. His size and length give him the tools to be an elite defender, and with time he can work towards having as much of an impact defensively as offensively.

Player comparison: Chandler Parsons