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Complete bracket for 2022 NCAA Baseball Championship and College World Series

We go through the full bracket of the 2022 NCAA Baseball Tournament on the way to Omaha.

Tennessee’s Drew Gilbert celebrates next to Connor Pavolony and teammates during Game 2 of the Knoxville Super Regional between the Tennessee Volunteers and the LSU Tigers held at Lindsey Nelson Stadium on Sunday, June 13, 2021. Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

We’re on the road to Omaha, and the 2022 NCAA Baseball Tournament is set to begin this Friday, June 3rd at campus sites all over the nation.

The tournament begins with the Regional round, where the 64 qualifying programs have been divvied up into 16 regions hosted by the nation’s top teams. The four teams in each region will spend the weekend competing in a double-elimination tournament to determine a champion for that particular region.

The 16 regional champions advance to to the Super Regional round beginning on Friday, June 10. The Super Regionals are a best-of-three series played at the host site of the higher-ranked team.

The eight remaining teams will advance to the College World Series beginning on June 16 at Charles Schwab Field in Omaha. The participants will compete in a double-elimination tournament until the final two teams standing play a best-of-three series to determine a national champion.

Here’s the complete bracket for the 2022 NCAA Baseball Tournament:

Regional round (June 3-6)

Knoxville Regional

No. 1 Tennessee (53-7) vs. Alabama State (34-23)
Campbell (40-17) vs. Georgia Tech (34-22)

Statesboro Regional

No. 16 Georgia Southern (40-18) vs. UNC Greensboro (34-28)
Texas Tech (37-20) vs. Notre Dame (35-14)

Austin Regional

No. 9 Texas (42-19) vs. Air Force (30-27)
Dallas Baptist (34-22-1) vs. Louisiana Tech 42-19)

Greenville Regional

No. 8 East Carolina (42-18) vs. Coppin State (24-28)
Coastal Carolina (36-18-1) vs. Virginia (38-17)

College Station Regional

No. 5 No. 5 Texas A&M (37-18) vs. Oral Roberts (38-18)
Louisiana (36-21) vs. TCU (36-20)

Louisville Regional

No. 12 Louisville (38-18-1) vs. Southeast Missouri St. (37-20)
Michigan (32-26) vs. Oregon (35-23)

Blacksburg Regional

No. 4 Virginia Tech (41-12) vs. Wright State (30-25)
Columbia (30-16) vs. Gonzaga (36-17)

Gainesville Regional

No. 13 Florida (39-22) vs. Central Michigan (42-17)
Liberty (37-21) vs. Oklahoma (37-20)

Palo Alto Regional

No. 2 Stanford (41-14) vs. Binghamton (22-28
UCSB (43-12) vs. Texas State (45-12)

College Park Regional

No. 15 Maryland (45-12) vs. Long Island (37-19)
UConn (46-13) vs. Wake Forest (40-17-1)

Chapel Hill Regional

No. 10 North Carolina (38-19) vs. Hofstra (30-21)
VCU (40-18) vs. Georgia (35-21)

Stillwater Regional

No. 7 Oklahoma State (39-20) vs. Missouri State (30-27)
Grand Canyon (41-19) vs. Arkansas (38-18)

Coral Gables Regional

No. 6 Miami (39-18) vs. Canisius (29-23)
Ole Miss (32-22) vs. Arizona (37-23)

Hattiesburg Regional

No. 11 Southern Miss (43-16) vs. Army (31-23)
Kennesaw State (35-26) vs. LSU (38-20)

Auburn Regional

No. 6 Auburn (37-19) vs. Southeast Louisiana (30-29)
Florida State (33-23) vs. UCLA (38-22)

Corvallis Regional

No. 3 Oregon State (44-15) vs. New Mexico State (31-23)
San Diego (36-18) vs. Vanderbilt (36-21)

Super Regional round (June 10-13)

Knoxville winner vs. Statesboro winner
Austin winner vs. Greenville winner
College Station winner vs. Louisville winner
Blacksburg winner vs. Gainesville winner
Palo Alto winner vs. College Park winner
Chapel Hill winner vs. Stillwater winner
Coral Gables winner vs. Hattiesburg winner
Auburn winner vs. Corvallis winner

2022 College World Series (June 16/27)

Eight Super Regional winners