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Indianapolis 500 drivers preferences for the milk they’ll drink with the trophy

One of the great traditions of the American auto racing involves the post-ceremony at The Brickyard. Here’s what will be consumed by the winner on the last Sunday in May.

Meyer Shank Racing driver Helio Castroneves of Brazil is introduced before the start of the NTT IndyCar Series XPEL 375 race at Texas Motor Speedway. dJerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The 2022 Indianapolis 500 is May 29, and the tradition of drinking milk as part of the celebration is one that goes back

The milk traditions dates back to the 1936 race, where winner Louis Meyer had some some in Victory Lane because his mother thought it was pretty hot out. Thanks to aggressive marketing from the local dairy industry, milk has been part of every race since 1956. And we’ll leave out the part that buttermilk is actually what Meyer consumed, but now options are just whole milk and 2% with slight alterations.

Here’s what the likely field in the 2022 version of the race will be looking at for the big race at The Brickyard on Memorial Day Weekend.

We’re good with all this, but to two-time Indy 500 winner Juan Pablo Montoya we have a question; you really don’t have a preference between whole and 2% We’re right there with you on the chocolate, as that’s totally delicious. But there are two types of people in this big crazy dairy driven world, and they are whole and 2% and never the twain shall meet.

And notice no one went fat-free: After you achieve the pinnacle of your sport, a few extra calories aren’t going to hurt anything while celebrating.