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Ligue 1 table: Who tops French league standings, who is in relegation danger heading into Matchday 38

We’re looking at the current Ligue 1 standings as we head into Matchday 38 this weekend.


The Ligue 1 season is coming to a close this weekend as Matchday 38 marks the final games for each team in the league. Although PSG has already had the championship locked up for a while, there are plenty of spots left to be claimed with just one game left to go. The final matches all kick off on Saturday, May 21 at 3:00 p.m. ET.

The second and final Champions League berth is still up for grabs, as AS Monaco occupies that slot but is tied on points with Marseille, who is only four goals behind in the differential tiebreaker. A win for Monaco over Lens on Saturday would clinch second place for them as long as Marseille doesn’t win and get make up that goal differential. Rennes is just three points behind both of them and have a substantial lead in differential, so a win for them combined with losses for both Monaco and Marseille would put Rennes in second place to finish the season.

Speaking of Rennes, currently in fourth, they’re just two points ahead of fifth-place Strasbourg. Fourth place comes with an automatic berth into the Europa League’s group stage next season, so Strasbourg will hope for a Rennes loss so they can potentially jump into fourth. Strasbourg will be playing Marseille, while Rennes takes on Lille OSC. Nice is tied on points with Strasbourg as well, and will be taking on Stade de Reims in hopes of having a shot at fifth place and the Europa Conference League qualifier spot it comes with.

At the bottom of the table, Bordeaux is already set for automatic relegation as they’re three points and six goals behind Saint-Etienne. Metz sits just outside of automatic relegation in 18th place, and will head to the relegation playoffs if the table should hold. It won’t be so easy for them, though, as they’re tied on points with Saint-Etienne. Metz holds a six-goal lead in the differential tiebreaker, though, so if they are able to get a win over PSG this weekend then they should claim 18th place.

With so many moving pieces and just one matchday left to go, it’s set to be an exciting Decision Day. Here’s a look at the full table ahead of the Matchday 38 action.

Ligue 1 standings, pre-Matchday 38

  1. PSG: 25-8-4, +49 GD, 83 points
  2. AS Monaco: 20-8-9, +25 GD, 68 points
  3. Marseille: 20-8-9, +21 GD, 68 points
  4. Rennes: 20-5-12, +42 GD, 65 points
  5. Strasbourg: 17-12-8, +21 GD, 63 points
  6. Nice: 19-7-11, +15 GD, 63 points
  7. Lens: 17-10-10, +14 GD, 61 points
  8. Lyon: 16-11-10, +14 GD, 58 points
  9. Nantes: 15-9-13, +7 GD, 54 points
  10. Lille: 14-12-11, 0 GD, 54 points
  11. Brest: 13-9-15, -6 GD, 48 points
  12. Reims: 11-13-13, 0 GD, 46 points
  13. Montpellier: 12-7-18, -10 GD, 43 points
  14. Angers: 9-11-17, -13 GD, 38 points
  15. Troyes: 9-10-18, -16 GD, 37 points
  16. Clermont Foot: 9-9-19, -30 GD, 36 points
  17. Lorient: 8-11-18, -28 GD, 35 points
  18. Metz: 6-13-18, -29 GD, 31 points
  19. Saint-Etienne: 7-10-20, -35 GD, 31 points
  20. Bordeaux: 5-13-19, -41 GD, 28 points