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Tiger Woods live updates for first round at 2022 PGA Championship

The five-time champ has a 9:11 a.m. tee time on Day 1 at Southern Hills on Thursday. We have full coverage of his opening round.

PGA Championship - Preview Day 3
Tiger Woods of The United States with Henni Koyack of England the Sky Sports Golf announcer during practice for the 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills Country Club on May 18, 2022 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images

Tiger Woods is back at Southern Hills for the 2022 PGA Championship and we have live updates from his first round on Thursday. Woods is making his second appearance in a professional tournament since his vehicle accident in 2021, with the 2022 Masters being his return to golf.

Woods made the cut and eventually finished in 47th place at 13-over par. We’ll see if he can improve on that performance in this event. According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the 15-time major winner is +6500 to win the event. His playing partners for Thursday and Friday are Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth.

Here’s a look at how Woods is doing so far at the 2022 PGA Championship. Keep in mind he started on the back nine today, and the 10th hole was his first of the day with a 9:11 a.m. tee time.

Tiger’s score today: +4

Hole No. 10: Birdie. After a bombed drive of 330+ on the downhill No. 1, Eldrick had 95 yards to get home with a wedge, and he stuck it to about two feet. We’re typing this before he even makes the putt, because he’s going to make it. Tiger Woods opens with a birdie at the 2022 PGA Championship.

Hole No. 11: Par. An eight-iron to the fat par of a large green left Tiger a long putt down the hill. But he had no worries with the lag putt that left him a tap-in for a three.

Hole No. 12: Par. While his partners Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth both decided to get closer, Tiger laid up with a stinger that left him about 165 in. But a perfect high draw left him about 18 feet for birdie. Despite an aggressive putt, he came up a bit left.

Hole No. 13: Par. After a perfect drive on the massive Par 5, Tiger lays up to a number. But he misses the approach and ends up in a bunker behind the hole. But he makes the up-and-down for a sandie save.

Hole No. 14: Birdie. After a stuck iron to the center of the green, Tiger left himself about 14 feet for birdie. Center cut of the hole, and never a doubt.

Hole No. 15: Bogey. A 2-iron for what looked like a low stinger attempt ended up in the right rough. From 180 yards, his 7-iron ended up in a front bunker. A poor blast out of the sand left him more than 20 feet, and he needed two putts to give a shot back.

Hole No. 16: Par. A drive that landed just short of the fairway bunker left Tiger a bit over 210 to get home. And a flawless iron shot had him about 20 feet for birdie, but the putt was high and left. A tap-in for par.

Hole No. 17: Par. A stinger went right down the middle, but the wedge approach ended up in the fringe. The putt was just inches wide as it went by, and another tap-in par.

Hole No. 18: Bogey. Another crushed drive, but another wayward approach ends up on the beach. A tough lie leaves a long par putt, which turns into a bogey.

Hole No. 1: Bogey. The wheels are coming off a bit, as Tiger’s drive ends up sliced into the trees hacker style. He’s forced to lay up short for the up-and-down, but his pitch rolls about 15 feet by the pin. He misses the come-backer, and is now over par for the first time today.

Hole No. 2: Bogey. It’s getting away pretty quickly. Another great drive, but the iron comes up short. A putt from off the green goes past, and another makeable 10-footer goes wanting.

Hole No. 3: Birdie. Finally. A perfect drive, and a perfect approach lands inside five feet. Count the putt, and a much needed red number on the card.

Hole No. 4: Bogey. A drive pulled into left rough ends up as a second into the sand. The third is duffed into the thick rough, but a nice chip to about 18 inches saves bogey, and avoids more disaster.

Hole No. 5: Par. Despite a well-stuck wedge that got close on his third on the Par 5, Tiger misses the putt from about 20 feet.

Hole No. 6: Par. One of the tougher holes on the course sees an approach that comes up a bit short and off the green. But the putt doesn’t quite reach the clown’s mouth, and a tap-in for par.

Hole No. 7: Par. The drive off the tee is so far right it could win a primary in Alabama. It takes a terrific second to even get it in a greenside bunker with a low hook under the branches. The up-and-down sandie is saved with a terrific flop to five feet, and a made putt.

Hole No. 8: Bogey. A poorly struck iron on another long Par 3 ends up in a bunker, but this one can’t be salvaged. A bad out from the beach leaves a par putt you can measure in acreage. A two-putt from here is enough to make a four.

Hole No. 9: Bogey. It looks like Tiger is running out of gas. His drive kicks back into the fairway when it should have missed right, but the approach gets pulled left. And then a full chunk presented by Chips Ahoy means he’ll pitch it twice before the second leaves a short bogey putt.