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Friday Night Smackdown preview: Three questions for the May 13 episode featuring Bayley, RK-Bro, and Usos

Asking the necessary questions about tonight’s Smackdown from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown comes live from Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre Township, PA, tonight and we’re just five days removed from an eventful Wrestlemania Backlash pay-per-view last Sunday.

Whether it’s an extremely important episode or a completely throwaway show that will be forgotten about in two weeks, there are always questions that surround each edition of Friday Night Smackdown. I’ll ask some pertaining to tonight’s episode.

Will Bayley return as Ronda Rousey’s first challenger?

Ok, let’s cut right to the chase here. Ronda Rousey is the new Smackdown Women’s Champion. She made Charlotte say “I Quit” in their title match at Wrestlemania Backlash this past Sunday. Charlotte has been declared out indefinitely and will effectively be off television for the next few months. Because of that, there are not really top-level contenders to challenge Rousey on Smackdown at the moment.

So that means we’ll finally get the return of Bayley here, right?

Bayley tore her ACL last July and has been off WWE television for the past 10 months. She’s spent that time rehabbing her injury and by all indications, should be making her long-anticipated return to the squared circle very soon. She’s even gone as far as dropping hints on her Twitter account, including this afternoon when she tweeted a video of the late Kobe Bryant talking about his recovery from his Achilles tear.

Rousey vs. Bayley would be a big-time feud that would make Smackdown a must-watch show over the summer. Let’s hope it actually happens.

Will we finally get the tag team title unification match in Hell in a Cell?

Most likely sensing that RK-Bro vs. The Usos wouldn’t have been the strongest of options to main event a PPV on its own merits, the WWE backed off the plan and went with a six-man tag team match for Wrestlemania Backlash instead. Now that that’s in the rearview mirror, RK-Bro is pulling up to Smackdown tonight to demand for the match to go down.

So that means it’s happening at Hell in a Cell, right?

These two teams have dominated the tag divisions of their respective brands for nearly a year and they’ve come to blows themselves for the last several weeks. The last team we saw The Usos in Hell in a Cell, they put on a classic with the New Day in one of the greatest PPV tag matches of the last decade. That has to be the direction this feud is headed towards.

Where is Butch?!

Oh, he’s having a match with Kofi Kingston this week. Problem solved.

But seriously, it’d be great if they could wrap this program up between these two factions and move them on to something else already.