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Masters Tournament 2022: How much is a Masters badge? Ticket prices at Augusta

It’s one of the most valuable tickets in sports anywhere in the world. Here’s how much one will cost you.

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Update Friday April 8, 8:45 p.m. Despite the lack of drama on the leaderboard with Scottie Scheffler holding a five-shot lead, Tiger Woods making the cut has pushed up the prices on the secondary market.

Right now at TickPick a ticket for Saturday alone is $1724 plus tax. That goes up to $2145 on your credit card if you want to see the green jacket awarded on Sunday.

There are countless traditions at the Augusta National Golf Club surrounding The Masters, but one of them falls much more on the patrons than the players. It’s a rite of spring in Northeastern Georgia on par with blooming azaleas and $5 beers of your choice: Finding your way into the hallowed gates of Augusta National to watch The Masters in person.

How do you get a ticket to The Masters?

If you’re like hundreds of thousands of golf fans every year, you likely apply in the online lottery for both practice round and competition tickets, ask all your friends and relatives to do the same and still come away empty-handed. This is as much Masters tradition as the pimento cheese sandwiches and the merchandise tent.

And that leaves you with the blunt force way to try and get a ticket down Magnolia Lane: Buying one on the secondary market.

This year that price has crept up a bit more than usual, with single day tickets or badges running about $1700 for Thursday’s competition alone at TickPick. That price shoots up to about $1975 for Sunday’s final round, and you can be sure that price will increase even further on Sunday if Tiger Woods is in contention.

If you’d like a badge for the entire week, those are running about $6500 presently. And that’s before you factor in any hospitality options you might want to add on via a tent from a private vendor near the grounds. As an example if you purchase your ticket on Stubhub, you can tack on a free food and drinks tent for about $300 per day.

And let’s not even get into what Berckmans Place badges might cost, because if you don’t have one by now, you’re not going to have one by the end of this week. The face value on those is $6000, and are sold exclusively to sponsors and members of the club only. But you’ll likely pay almost three times as much on the secondary market if you can even find them.

And that’s before you factor in how much the sky-high rates for hotels and AirBnb’s for hundreds of miles in every direction. We did find an EconoLodge in town less than five miles from the course for just $169 a night on Thursday, but let’s just say the online reviews weren’t kind to the housekeeping staff.

So yes just like any year, you can always go to The Masters. It’ll just cost you plenty of cash to do so.