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New Orleans Saints 2022 draft picks following trade with Philadelphia Eagles

The Saints add another first rounder to their 2022 NFL Draft picks.

The New Orleans Saints logo is seen on the field before the start of a game against the Green Bay Packers at TIAA Bank Field on September 12, 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida. Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints just made a big trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, which added a second first round pick to their 2022 NFL Draft arsenal. Looking at the deal as a whole, the Eagles look to have made the better deal, but two first rounders is still going to be a nice boost for a team that recently lost their Super Bowl winning coach and quarterback. The details look like so:

Saints give:

- 2022 first (No. 18)
- 2022 third (No. 101)
- 2022 seventh (No. 237)
- 2023 first rounder
- 2024 second rounder

Eagles give:

- 2022 first rounder (No. 16)
- 2022 first rounder (No. 19)
- 2022 sixth rounder (No. 194)

Here is the updated draft picks for the Saints in this year’s draft.

2022 New Orleans Saints draft picks

Round 1: Nos. 16 and 19 (from Eagles)
Round 2: No. 49
Round 3: No. 98
Round 4: No. 120
Round 5: No. 161
Round 6: No. 194 (from Eagles)
Round 7: N/A