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Philadelphia Eagles 2022 draft picks following trade with New Orleans Saints

 A detailed view of the Philadelphia Eagles logo at midfield against the Seattle Seahawks at Lincoln Financial Field on November 30, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles traded away two first round picks to the New Orleans Saints and received two first round picks and more in return. It looks like a good deal for the Eagles, but the Saints must have a specific reason to want two picks in this year’s first round. The details look like so:

Eagles give:

- 2022 first rounder (No. 16)
- 2022 first rounder (No. 19)
- 2022 sixth rounder (No. 194)

Saints give:

- 2022 first (No. 18)
- 2022 third (No. 101)
- 2022 seventh (No. 237)
- 2023 first rounder
- 2024 second rounder

Here is the updated draft picks for the Eagles in this year’s draft. They still have plenty of draft capital to make a splash.

2022 Philadelphia Eagles draft picks

First Round – No. 15 overall
First Round – No. 18 overall (*From New Orleans Trade)
Second Round – No. 51 overall
Third Round – No. 83 overall
Third Round – No. 101 overall (*From New Orleans Trade)
Fourth Round – No. 124 overall
Fifth Round – No. 154 overall
Fifth Round – No. 162 overall
Fifth Round – No. 166 overall
Seventh Round – No. 237 overall (*From New Orleans Trade)