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Odell Beckham Jr. trolls end of NFL Draft with fake Deebo Samuel trade

Odell Beckham Jr. #3 of the Los Angeles Rams and Lauren Wood celebrate during the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI Victory Parade on February 16, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Odell Beckham Jr. decided the waning minutes of the NFL Draft would be a good time to tweet out a fake trade, sending disgruntled 49ers WR Deebo Samuel to the Patriots. Earlier in the week, OBJ tweeted that he had learned all the inside scoop about Deebo and the 49ers, so he’s all in on the offseason drama in the bay area.

NFL insiders quickly dispelled the notion that Deebo was on his way to New England and the rumor never took hold, but Beckham Jr. had his fun.

Beckham Jr. is currently recovering from a torn ACL that he suffered in the Super Bowl and has yet to sign back with the Rams or with a new team. He must be getting bored. The Super Bowl champion will find a home once he can prove he’s healthy, but until then, beware of OBJ tweets!