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Final Four ticket prices heading into game day falling, now well under $200 to attend

Prices are dropping, mostly because people are finding it difficult to reach The Big Easy for the game.

Duke Blue Devils forward Paolo Banchero dribbles the ball during a practice session before the 2022 NCAA men’s basketball tournament Final Four semifinals at Caesars Superdome. Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

NEW ORLEANS - What was anticipated to be one of the most expensive Final Four tickets ever has .. gotten pretty close to normal?

It seems the challenge for those wanting to get to the end of the Mississippi River and attend tonight’s matchups of Kansas vs. Villanova and Duke vs. North Carolina is actually getting to New Orleans in the first place. As we’ve discussed previously the prices for hotels and air travel from most of the country to Crescent City have been through the roof.

So the market for tonight’s tickets is limited to those within driving distance of the Superdome. And for that reason you can get a seat for a very reasonable amount to see what might be Mike Krzyzewski’s last game as the head coach of the Blue Devils.

This has gone from one of the most expensive Final Four tickets last weekend to one of the cheapest now, with no games played in-between.

It seems travel is limiting the price of tickets more than the desire to be here. But New Orleans doesn’t have the biggest airport, isn’t exactly designed as a city for last-minute travel, and every AirBnb for dozens of miles is quite pricey.

If this game were in New York or Philadelphia, or even a city like Houston or Los Angeles, we might see some serious upward price pressure. But in The Big Easy, it’s pretty easy to get to tonight’s Final Four doubleheader.

But you’ve got to be here already.