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Status of Michael Porter Jr. entering 2022 NBA playoffs

Here’s the outlook for Porter Jr. as the postseason begins.

Memphis Grizzlies v Denver Nuggets Photo by Ethan Mito/Clarkson Creative/Getty Images

Michael Porter Jr. played only nine games in the 2021-22 season for the Denver Nuggets before he left a game back in November with back tightness and never returned. He hasn’t been back on the court since that game.

Porter has a history with back injuries, dating back to his freshman season at Missouri, undergoing two back surgeries since that time. The latest injury resulted in yet another back surgery that was reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski back in late November, leaving Porter sidelined indefinitely.

The 23-year-old forward averaged 19 points and 7.3 rebounds per game in the 2020-21 season for the Nuggets. He followed that up in 2021 with 9.9 points per game and 6.6 rebounds in the nine appearances he made early in the campaign before he suffered the injury.

Michael Porter Jr. injury updates

April 17 update: Porter Jr. tells ESPN’s Marc J. Spears he is not ruling out a return in the first round of the playoffs against the Warriors.

Singer offered an update at the end of March that stated Porter suffered a minor setback in his rehab, but that no decision has been made about his immediate future.