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Ranking the 32 teams at the 2022 World Cup

Here’s how each team stacks up at the World Cup.

72nd FIFA Congress - FIFA World Cup 2022 - Doha Exhibition and Convention Center Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images

With qualifiers mostly out of the way, the 2022 FIFA World Cup stage is ready to be set. The draw gets underway on Friday, April 1 in Doha, Qatar as each country will find out who their opponents will be in the group stage.

32 teams will compete in Qatar, but three of those teams are still to be determined in confederation playoffs. The three playoffs to determine the final three World Cup qualifiers include the UEFA intra-confederation second round and then inter-confederation playoffs featuring AFC v. CONMEBOL and CONCACAF v. OFC. The UEFA playoff will see Wales face the winner of Scotland-Ukraine. AFC v. CONMEBOL will feature the winner of the UAE v. Australia taking on Peru. CONCACAF v. OFC will see Costa Rica face New Zealand. All three playoff matches will take place in June.

Below is a list of the 29 countries who have qualified and order them by the official FIFA World Rankings. We’ll also list their odds to win the tournament, courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.

The rankings are of note because they are what determines who goes in each of the four pots. Qatar is automatically placed in Pot 1 as the host, and then the top seven ranked teams in the world join them. Pot 2 features the 8th through 15th highest-ranked teams, and so forth. The United States is ranked 15th in the world and so they are in Pot 2.

UPDATE: The table now includes playoff participants with odds at DraftKings Sportsbook.

2022 World Cup Participants (Ordered based on world rankings)

FIFA ranking Team Odds to win
FIFA ranking Team Odds to win
1 Brazil +500
2 Belgium +1100
3 France +650
4 Argentina +1100
5 England +700
7 Spain +750
8 Portugal +1200
9 Mexico +10000
10 Netherlands +1600
11 Denmark +2800
12 Germany +900
13 Uruguay +5000
14 Switzerland +8000
15 United States +10000
16 Croatia +5000
18 Wales (playoff) +20000
20 Senegal +10000
21 Iran +35000
22 Peru (playoff) +25000
23 Japan +20000
24 Morocco +20000
25 Serbia +8000
26 Poland +10000
27 Ukraine (playoff) +15000
29 South Korea +25000
31 Costa Rica (playoff) +100000
35 Tunisia +25000
37 Cameroon +20000
38 Canada +25000
39 Scotland (playoff) +35000
42 Australia (playoff) +40000
46 Ecuador +20000
49 Saudi Arabia +50000
51 Qatar +20000
60 Ghana +20000
101 New Zealand (playoff) +100000