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Bryant, Wagner fans involved in brawl late in Northeast Conference title game

FINAL UPDATE: The game wrapped up and Bryant won 70-43. The court-storming took place after the Wagner players left the court.

UPDATE: The game resumed after a 30-minute delay. One Wagner player was ejected. They still plan to have a court-storming once Bryant’s win is official, but they will attempt to have it only after Wagner has left the floor.

The Bryant Bulldogs and Wagner Seahawks are facing off in the Northeast Conference Tournament championship game, and things have gone south in the stands. Amidst a Bryant blowout, there was an altercation involving Bryant fans and Wagner players. Both teams went to the locker room and the stands have been cleared out from behind the Wagner bench.

Bryant hosted the game and the fights started breaking out around the 4:37 mark of the second quarter. This fairly full-length video is focused on the Bryant bench as they are looking toward the Wagner side of the gym. The camera cuts over to the Wagner bench and we see Wagner players and Bryant fans getting into it.

We’ll be looking for more details and the fallout from Tuesday’s game.