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Kenny Pickett’s hand measures 8 1/2” at NFL Combine

The Pittsburgh product’s hand size could be concerning to some NFL teams.

The Ross Tucker Football Podcast | Greg Cosell’s Top 6 QB Prospects for the 2022 NFL Draft

NFL draft prospect Kenny Pickett’s hand size has been getting a lot of press as we head into the NFL combine. When you look at quarterbacks that have smaller than your average NFL quarterback’s hand measurements, the results have been lacking. Pickett had his hand measured today at the combine and is officially at 8.5 inches.

Of course, like anything, hand size isn’t going to make or break a quarterback in the NFL, but it is hard not to look at the quarterbacks across league history and not be a little worried about a signal caller with Pickett’s hand size. The only other quarterback with 8.5 inch hands that was truly successful in the league was Michael Vick. Unfortunately, if you take away Vick’s rushing numbers, his passing stats are just average. Pickett can use his legs, but on the whole, he looks to be more of a pocket passer.

Norms are there to be pushed and Pickett could easily be the guy to do that. Patrick Mahomes has hands on the smaller end of the spectrum at 9 inches and he’s done okay for himself. will that half an inch really be that costly in the NFL?

Throwing with an NFL sized ball and looking good at the combine could be a good start to showing he’ll be fine. Also, if he’s taken in the first round, like he easily could be, he’ll be given more time in the league than other quarterbacks who weren’t given the same chance due to smaller hand size.