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CSG card grading rolls out new labels

Certified Sports Guaranty introduced a new label for their card slabs on Friday.

Certified Sports Guaranty, a company that specializes in grading trading cards, rolled out a new label for graded cards on Friday. The once green slabs are gone and have been replaced by a cleaner black, silver and gold palette, as the company puts it. Here’s a statement from CSG Senior Grading Finalizer Andy Broome:

“These updates reflect CSG’s commitment to provide the best possible services to the sports card collecting community. We listened to collector and dealer feedback and are thrilled with the results of these changes.”

“Fewer than 20% of submitters were requesting sub-grades, so the demand simply was not there. In addition, eliminating sub-grades will allow us to further improve our turnaround times, which are already among the fastest in the industry.”

Check out the full video released by CSG for the roll out of its new labels:

If you’re wondering what the old slabs used to look like for graded cards, here’s an image of a Ken Griffey Jr. card from their website.

The new labels are definitely more pleasing and could help the company compete with PSA and other card grading competitors. The sports and trading card markets have been booming since the pandemic brought the hobby back into prominence. With so many submissions coming in, CSG decided to update the label to try and compete. They’re offering affordable and more timely card grading.