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2022 NFL Draft first round order post Tyreek Hill trade

We take a look at how the first round of the NFL Draft has been shaken up this off-season.

Head coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs looks on against the Cincinnati Bengals during the first half of the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium on January 30, 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This has been an offseason unlike any other, as the NFL has gone trade happy. One big trade a season was enough for me back in my day! I blame Rams GM Les Snead, who embraced the “f*ck them picks” mantra all the way to a Super Bowl win. Add in the fact that there aren’t any highly touted quarterback prospects coming out in the draft, and teams that needed a quarterback went scorched earth policy in attaining them.

The latest blockbuster trade saw Tyreek Hill go to the Miami Dolphins for a first and second rounder and three later picks. Before that, Green Bay traded away star receiver Davante Adams for first- and second-round picks. Deshaun Watson cost the most, as the Browns traded away three first-round picks (2022, 2023, 2024) and three later selections for the QB. And before that, the Seahawks traded away their franchise QB, Russell Wilson, to the Broncos in exchange for two first-round picks, 2022 second-round pick, 2023 second-round pick, fifth-round pick, QB Drew Lock, defensive lineman Shelby Harris, and tight end Noah Fant.

Now we have a new NFL Draft landscape, as a quarter of the teams no longer own a first round pick. Those teams include the Rams, Browns, Broncos, Colts, Bears, Raiders, while there are six teams with more than one first rounder for the Chiefs (2), Packers (2), Eagles (3), Texans (2), Lions (2), Jets (2).

No. 1 overall: Jacksonville Jaguars
No. 2 overall: Detroit Lions
No. 3 overall: Houston Texans
No. 4 overall: New York Jets
No. 5 overall: New York Giants
No. 6 overall: Carolina Panthers
No. 7 overall: New York Giants (from Chicago)
No. 8 overall: Atlanta Falcons
No. 9 overall: Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)
No. 10 overall: New York Jets (from Seattle)
No. 11 overall: Washington Commanders
No. 12 overall: Minnesota Vikings
No. 13 overall: Houston Texans (from Cleveland)
No. 14 overall: Baltimore Ravens
No. 15 overall: Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami)
No. 16 overall: Philadelphia Eagles (from Indianapolis)
No. 17 overall: Los Angeles Chargers
No. 18 overall: New Orleans Saints
No. 19 overall: Philadelphia Eagles
No. 20 overall: Pittsburgh Steelers
No. 21 overall: New England Patriots
No. 22 overall: Green Bay Packers (from Las Vegas)
No. 23 overall: Arizona Cardinals
No. 24 overall: Dallas Cowboys
No. 25 overall: Buffalo Bills
No. 26 overall: Tennessee Titans
No. 27 overall: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
No. 28 overall: Green Bay Packers
No. 29 overall: Kansas City Chiefs (from Miami via San Francisco)
No. 30 overall: Kansas City Chiefs
No. 31 overall: Cincinnati Bengals
No. 32 overall: Detroit Lions (from Los Angeles Rams)