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Houston Texans’ grade through start of free agency

How have the Texans fared in free agency? We look at all their player additions and losses so far.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans are in complete rebuild mode as they pick up the pieces and move on from the Deshaun Watson era. They will have a ton of high draft picks over the next few years because of that deal including three first round picks from the Cleveland Browns.

Houston has the third overall draft choice in this spring’s NFL Draft as they start to build toward their future in Year 1 under head coach Lovie Smith. Below is a look at some of the moves they’ve already made this offseason.

Texans players added (as of March 20th)

Houston signed Dare Ogunbowale to a two-year deal deal as a versatile player out of the backfield who could provide some value to the roster. Some notable additions on the defensive side of the ball include defensive tackle Maliek Collins, linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin and defensive back Desmond King. Offensive linemen Cedric Ogbuehi, Justin Britt and AJ Cann were added as well.

Texans players lost (as of March 20th)

Watson is the obvious name here with one of the most historic trades you’ll see when a young, talented quarterback who wants out and still could be suspended is unloaded in exchange for a ton of draft value. The Texans also lost linebacker Jacob Martin, quarterback Tyrod Taylor and safety Justin Reid - all of which signed with other rosters already.

Grade so far

A: This is solely based on what the Texans were able to get in return for Watson. Even though he was unhappy with the organization, Houston had enough leverage with plenty of teams looking for a difference maker at the quarterback position, which Watson certainly has proven to be. With the Watson mess off their plate, the Texans have a clear vision for what they’d like to do moving forward, and they should be able to accumulate high-level talent with the number of draft picks they will have at their disposal.