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2022 NFL Scouting Combine: QBs to watch

We discuss the quarterbacks to watch at the 2022 NFL Combine.

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The 2022 NFL Combine is here and runs from March 2-6 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The road to the NFL Draft that begins on April 28th starts at the Combine. Quarterbacks should be working out on Thursday, March 3rd and they are usually the most-watched position at the Combine. This year, quarterbacks aren’t being mock drafted to the top-end draft positions, but you certainly need to know some names that could pop into the first-round.

Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral has already said that he won’t be going through the workouts at the Combine this week. He injured his ankle on January 2nd, but will still participate in the interviews that are behind the scenes at the Combine. Overall, 15 quarterbacks were invited to the 2022 NFL Combine.

Who to watch at the NFL Combine: Quarterbacks trending up

The quarterbacks that are consistently being talked about going early in the 2022 NFL Draft are Kenny Pickett from Pittsburgh and Malik Willis from Liberty. Carson Strong from Nevada, Sam Howell from North Carolina and Desmond Ridder from Cincinnati round out the next tier of quarterbacks along with Corral. Pickett will need to prove that he doesn’t need to drop down rankings due to his hand size and Willis is going to emphasize showing that he can hang with the Power 5 boys.

QBs trending down ahead of NFL Draft

Ridder was making waves at Cincinnati helping them to their first College Football Playoff appearance and the first appearance by a non-Power 5 team. Unfortunately, from the Senior Bowl to now, Ridder is falling behind the other quarterbacks in his tier. Ridder needs to use the Combine to really show what he can do and how he could be the franchise quarterback for a team if he wants a chance at cracking a starting job eventually in the NFL.