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New Orleans Saints grade through start of free agency

How have the New Orleans Saints fared in free agency? We look at all their player additions and losses so far.

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

In their first season without Drew Brees under center, the New Orleans Saints still managed to do alright for themselves. Quarterback Jamies Winston played well to start the season, but the Saints had to turn it over to Taysom Hill after Winston tore his ACL. They didn’t get a single snap from wide receiver Michael Thomas last year thanks to injuries. But the defense held firm and kept New Orleans in the mix for a playoff spot ‘til the bitter end. That’s a big reason why defensive coordinator Dennis Allen got the nod to replace a retiring Sean Payton. With terrible salary cap problems, the Saints started the offseason handcuffed, meaning their spring to-do list includes doing enough fuzzy math to get them some cap space to answer big questions at quarterback and wide receiver.

Here’s a look at what the Saints have done in free agency so far.

Saints players added

Despite their cap troubles, the Saints were able to add Marcus Maye, signing the former New York Jets safety to a three-year deal worth $28.5 million. They also added depth to the defensive line with former 49er Kentavius Street.

Saints players lost

Maye replaces safety Marcus Williams, who signed with the Ravens. Quarterback Jamies Winston is still a free agent.

Grade so far

B: It’s hard to assess any grade to the Saints given their cap struggles, but props for finding the money to get a solid replacement for Williams by bringing in Maye. Maybe they can do scrounge up some loose change to bring back Winston.