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What’s the best performance by a No. 6 seed coming into the 2022 NCAA Tournament?

Two No. 6 seeds have made the national championship game.

Danny Manning Charging Toward Harvey Grant

We’ve hit that time of year where brackets are being filled out across the country. With a lot of familiar names packed in the 4-8 seed lines, there is the temptation to pick one of those schools to make the Final Four. Here, we’ll take a look at the best No. 6 seeds in NCAA Tournament history.

The 6-seeded teams for the 2022 NCAA Tournament include LSU, Alabama, Colorado State, and Texas.

Only one No. 6 seed has gone on to win the national title, with another making the final. The 1987 Kansas Jayhawks won the whole thing behind Danny Manning and Kevin Pritchard. Kansas had a narrow win over Murray State in the round of 32 but was able to navigate the rest of the tournament successfully.

In the 2021 NCAA Tournament, the No. 6 seeds went 2-2 in the opening round. Both San Diego State and BYU lost, with the Cougars falling to eventual Final Four representatives UCLA. The No. 6 seeds who won were USC and Texas Tech. The Red Raiders lost in the round of 32 to Arkansas, while the Trojans went to the Elite Eight before falling to Gonzaga.