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What’s the best performance by a No. 11 seed coming into the 2022 NCAA Tournament?

We take a look at the best performances by the 11-seed.

Loyola (Il) Ramblers guard Lucas Williamson (1) and forward Aundre Jackson (24) and guard Bruno Skokna (4) react during the second half against the Tennessee Volunteers in the second round of the 2018 NCAA Tournament at American Airlines Center.  Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We’re finally to March. It’s typically the best time of the year where we typically have March Madness, MLB, NBA, and NHL. Not so much baseball this season unfortunately, but March will be extremely exciting this season in college basketball. Below we take a look at the best performance all-time by 11 seeds.

The 11-seeds in the 2022 NCAA Tournament are Virginia Tech, Iowa State, Rutgers/Notre Dame, and Michigan. There are a few high-profile teams in that bunch. If Rutgers makes it past Notre Dame, the Scarlet Knights could be a trendy upset pick against Alabama.

The best performance by a number 11 seed is an extremely tough choice as we have seen four teams make the Final Four as an 11 seed, but my choice would be Loyola-Chicago in 2018. In their tournament run, they won two games by one point and one game by two points. While that’s extremely impressive they beat three nationally ranked teams and Kansas State who made a run. The Ramblers fell short to Michigan in the semifinals.

In last years tournament, UCLA, Drake, Utah State, and Syracuse were the 11 seeds. While Drake and Utah State lost in the first round, UCLA and Syracuse both went on runs. UCLA’s was extremely impressive as they made the Final Four while Syracuse lost to Houston in the Sweet 16.