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NCAA bracket 2022: Full Women’s Basketball Tournament bracket for March Madness

We take a look at how the bracket for the 2022 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, including a preview of what and how to watch following Selection Sunday.

A detailed view of an NCAA logo and confetti after the championship game of the 2013 NCAA Womens Final Four at New Orleans Arena on April 9, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

Selection Sunday is finally here and the Women’s NCAA Tournament is set to get started later this week. The women’s field is being announced on ESPN and ESPN2 at 8 p.m. ET and we’ll be updating the entire bracket.

For the first time in the history of the women’s tournament, they are expanding the field to 68 teams. Similar to the style of the men’s tournament, they are adding four play-in games which will be played on Wednesday, March 16th and Thursday, March 17th. The first and second rounds will be played from Friday, March 18th to Monday, March 21st.

This year, the regionals will be held in Bridgeport, CT, Greensboro, NC, Wichita, KS and Spokane, WA will be held from March 25th-28th. The Final Four matchups will be held on April 1st and the championship will be Sunday, April 3rd at the Target Center, in Minneapolis, MN.

Bridgeport Regional (East)

No. 1 NC State vs. No. 16 winner of Longwood/Mt. St. Mary’s

No. 2 UConn vs. No. 15 Mercer

No. 3 Indiana vs. No. 14 Charlotte

No. 4 Oklahoma vs. No. 13 IUPUI

No. 5 Notre Dame vs. No. 12 UMass

No. 6 Kentucky vs. No. 11 Princeton

No. 7 UCF vs. No. 10 Florida

No. 8 Washington State vs. No. 9 Kansas State

Greensboro Regional (South)

No. 1 South Carolina vs. No. 16 winner of Howard/Incarnate Word

No. 2 Iowa vs. No. 15 Illinois State

No. 3 Iowa State vs. No. 14 UT Arlington

No. 4 Arizona vs. No. 13 UNLV

No. 5 North Carolina vs. No. 12 Stephen F. Austin

No. 6 Georgia vs. No. 11 winner of Dayton/DePaul

No. 7 Colorado vs. No. 10 Creighton

No. 8 Miami vs. No. 9 South Florida

Wichita Regional (Midwest)

No. 1 Louisville vs. No. 16 Albany

No. 2 Baylor vs. No. 15 Hawai’i

No. 3 Michigan vs. No. 14 American

No. 4 Tennessee vs. No. 13 Buffalo

No. 5 Oregon vs. No. 12 Belmont

No. 6 BYU vs. No. 11 Villanova

No. 7 Mississippi State vs. No. 10 South Dakota

No. 8 Nebraska vs. No. 9 Gonzaga

Spokane Regional (West)

No. 1 Stanford vs. No. 16 Montana State

No. 2 Texas vs. No. 15 Fairfield

No. 3 LSU vs. No. 14 Jackson State

No. 4 Maryland vs. No. 13 Delaware

No. 5 Virginia Tech vs. No. 12 Florida Gulf Coast

No. 6 Ohio State vs. No. 11 winner of Missouri State/Florida State

No. 7 Utah vs. No. 10 Arkansas

No. 8 Kansas vs. No. 9 Georgia Tech