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What uniforms will the Rams wear in Super Bowl 56?

We look at which jerseys the LA Rams will be wearing for Super Bowl LVI.

The AFC gets the nod as home team in the 2022 Super Bowl, and that means the Cincinnati Bengals get the choice of which uniform they will wear during Super Bowl 56. They went with black tops and white pants, meaning the Rams needed to go with the white tops with the blue and yellow shoulder stripes with yellow pants. They have been leaning toward the blue tops so far in their playoff run to the Super Bowl.

There have been some mixed reactions on social media, which is of course the norm for social media. The darker colored home uniforms are almost always preferred to the white road uniforms, but I’m glad they added the stripes to the shoulders, as they didn’t have them on their last white topped game. Overall I like the look and in contrast with the black Bengals tops should be a nice contrast on the field.