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NFL announces home teams for the 2022 International Series

The NFL has announce what NFL teams will be the “home” teams outside U.S. in 2022

London, England, United Kingdom; fans look on during a game featuring the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has announces the home teams for their five games that will take place outside the country in the 2022 season. There will be three games in London, one in Munich and another in Mexico City.

• London (Tottenham): Packers, Saints
• London (Wembley): Jaguars
• Munich: Buccaneers
• Mexico City: Cardinals

That means these team will all have a “home” game away from their actual home stadium, but with a 17 game season, these teams could still get eight home games in the states.

This will also be the first time the NFL has played a game in Germany, which will send the now-Tom Brady-less Buccaneers to play at FC Bayern Munich Stadium. The Buccaneers had already been paired with Germany in the NFL’s efforts to expand marketing outside the U.S., so this move makes plenty of sense.

The Jaguars will make their ninth trip outside America, which is the most of any NFL team. They have very much been the face of the NFL in the U.K. since the international program started back in 2005.