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2022 USFL Draft, explained

Learn everything you need to know about the two-day USFL Draft.

Birmingham Iron v Memphis Express Photo by Joe Robbins/AAF/Getty Images

The USFL Draft is coming soon as the eight-team league will go through 35 rounds of selections to fill up the rosters. The initial draft will be Tuesday, February 22nd and Wednesday, February 23rd from Birmingham, Alabama, which is where every USFL regular-season game will take place in 2022. Additionally, there will be a supplemental draft on March 10th.

The official wording is Player Selection Meeting, and it will be unique from other drafts in pro sports with each round being a specific position starting with quarterbacks in the first round.

Quarterbacks will be followed by edge rushers and defensive ends in the next three rounds. Offensive tackles will be selected in Rounds 5-7, cornerbacks in Rounds 8-11 and quarterbacks again in Round 12.

The second day will feature wide receivers (13-17), safeties (18-19), center (20), inside linebackers (21) and guards (22-23). Those positions will be followed by nose tackles and defensive tackles (24-24), running backs and fullbacks (27-28), outside linebackers (29-31), kicker (32), punter (33), tight end/H-back (34) and long snapper (35).

On March 10th, there will be a 10-round supplemental draft.

There are more than 450 players in the player pool who signed contracts for this league. Roster sizes will feature 38 active players with seven players on the practice squad.

How many rounds in the USFL Draft?

There are 35 rounds in the USFL Draft, followed by 10 rounds in the supplemental draft.

What is the draft order?

The draft order is a bit complex, as the league will use an analytical snake system, which will allow for every team to have two No. 1 picks at two positions. The first round of the draft will run in this order, which was determined by a draft lottery:

  1. Michigan Panthers
  2. Tampa Bay Bandits
  3. Philadelphia Stars
  4. New Jersey Generals
  5. Houston Gamblers
  6. Birmingham Stallions
  7. Pittsburgh Maulers
  8. New Orleans Breakers

Every team will get two No. 1 picks, and here’s a look at every team’s first overall picks by position

  1. Stallions: WR, P
  2. Gamblers: ILB, TE/HB
  3. Panthers: QB, DT
  4. Generals: C, LS
  5. Breakers: DE, OG
  6. Stars: S, K
  7. Maulers: OT, OLB
  8. Bandits: CB, RB/FB

When is the USFL Draft?

The first day of the USFL Draft is on Tuesday, February 22nd at 7:00 p.m. ET, and the second day is Wednesday, February 23rd at 10:00 a.m. ET. The supplemental draft will be on March 10th.