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What uniforms will the Bengals wear in Super Bowl 56?

We look at which jerseys the Cincinnati Bengals will be wearing for Super Bowl LVI.

The AFC gets the nod as home team in the 2022 Super Bowl, and that means the Cincinnati Bengals get the choice of which uniform they will wear during Super Bowl 56. On Wednesday, the team announced they will wear black, as they get to pick which uniforms they wear because they are the designated home team for the Super Bowl despite playing on the Rams home field.

The Bengals used their home team perks well, as the black unis are no doubt a strong choice. This choice also means the Rams won’t be able to go with the color scheme they’ve chosen for their three playoff wins this offseason.

Cincinnati will be going for their first ever Super Bowl win on their third try, while the Rams are hoping to win their second Super Bowl in their fifth try. And, the uniforms make no difference in who will win the game, but, they do add to the total look of the big event and I like what the Bengals are offering.