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The Scrubs reunion Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile showed us JD & Turk living next to each other

We discuss the Scrubs reunion in the Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile.

ABC’s “Celebrity Family Feud” - 2021

Were you a fan of the hit television show Scrubs? Are you in the market for better home internet? Then have I got the Super Bowl Ad for you. During the third quarter of Super Bowl 56, T-Mobile aired a musical commercial that featured Zach Braff and Donald Faison whom you may more commonly know as JD and Turk from Scrubs.

The comedic duo are neighbors just as fans of the show all wished JD and Turk would eventually be. JD complains about his internet speed, but as always in the show, Turk was there to help him out and give him a solution.

There were many times throughout Scrubs that Braff and Faison would suddenly burst out into song so it was great to see the duo together again. If anything, the only thing that would make this commercial more perfect for fans of Scrubs would just be if they released the bloopers from the shoot because I would bet they are hilarious.

T-Mobile Super Bowl LVI commercial