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Is this Al Michaels’ last Super Bowl with NBC?

The longtime announcer might be going to Amazon for their NFL package.

Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles, California - December 16, 2021
Al Michaels is seen on December 16, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images

Al Michaels will be on the call for Super Bowl 56 along with usual broadcast partner Cris Collinsworth. The top NBC team is a staple on Sunday Night Football during the regular season and typically gets a playoff game in both the wild-card and divisional round. However, there’s a possibility this could be the last time we see Michaels and Collinsworth in the booth together.

There are reports of Michaels jumping to Amazon as part of the company’s NFL streaming package, which would take him off the NBC team. With Amazon not in play for Super Bowl broadcasts because it does not have a stake in the rotating schedule, there’s a chance this is Michaels’ last Super Bowl ever as an announcer. Amazon could always work out some rights for an alternate broadcast or stream, although Michaels’ allure might not be enough to justify creating one for the Super Bowl. We’ll see where the announcer goes after he wraps up this event.