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Coinbase Super Bowl commercial crashes Coinbase website

Why don’t these companies buy the extra cloud space before the biggest advertising moment of their lives???

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In this photo illustration a Coinbase logo seen displayed on a smartphone with a Bitcoin logo in the background. Photo Illustration by Thiago Prudencio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Update 9:23 p.m. Coinbase claims to be back and that everything is totally fine.

We heard cryptocurrency was going to be a big part of the advertising around Super Bowl 56, and the leader in the online wallet space Coinbase decided to give away $15 to everyone that scanned their barcode off a screen during a commercial during the first quarter.

Coinbase Super Bowl LVI commercial

One small problem: All the people going to Coinbase crashed their website. Proof!

A wonderful job by big tech to not be prepared with their own website after spending $14 million on the lowest of low tech commercials ever.

As a Coinbase user, we might just clear out the cash in the AM. If they can’t handle this, can we really trust them during a DDOS attack? (I mean probably, but we’re more offended by the lack of preparation here).

By the way: Coinbase was offering just $15 to sign up and join their site. But if you give them $100 and click on this link and join Rakuten, you’ll actually get $40 and an additional $5 which is an even better deal. So they didn’t even put their best deal out there for everyone.

Not a great way to open the Crypto Bowl competition for the biggest player in the space.