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How is Avocados from Mexico running another Super Bowl commercial?

It appears the millennial generation has funded yet another Super Bowl spot for avocados.

Avocados from Mexico are seen for sale in a store on June 6, 2019 in Washington,DC. - US President Donald Trump has trumpeted the robust US economy but hitting all products from Mexico with 25 percent tariffs threatens to undercut growth and undermine key American industries, economists warn.Tomatoes and avocados — nearly 90 percent of which come from Mexico and other seasonal fruits would be hit hard.
Photo credit should read ANNA-ROSE GASSOT/AFP via Getty Images

There’s been a boom in avocado sales and the obsession with them has hit new heights thanks to the millennial generation more interested in putting them on toast instead of buying a home. All kidding aside, Avocados from Mexico is back on the air for Super Bowl 56 with another commercial. Take a look.

Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl LVI commercial

There’s a clever reference to #BillsMafia and a nice portrayal of Julius Caesar from Conan O’Brien sidekick Andy Richter, but there are also several questions about this commercial.

This ad appears to be set in Rome, which is located in Europe. The group who appears to have the avocados came to this “tailgate” on an ox cart ride which lasted three months. Even someone who has no clue about avocados knows they can’t possibly last three months. If we ignore that ridiculous detail, there’s also the question of where this ox cart journey originated from. Surely this group didn’t magically convert this ox cart into a ship midway through its journey from Mexico, so where did these avocados come from? But throw out these relative minor queries because the major one still remains: how is Avocados from Mexico running another Super Bowl commercial?

These 30-second spots are reportedly going for $7 million a pop. This is not the first time Avocados from Mexico has ran a Super Bowl commercial, and avocado exports from Mexico totaled almost $2.8 billion in 2020. But that number is not purely under the Avocados from Mexico brand. The food business, especially when it comes to produce, doesn’t seem like one that can easily throw down $7 million for a Super Bowl spot, not to mention the cost of producing the 30-second ad. I’d like to see some financial data on this company after my millennial self finishes some avocado toast in my parent’s basement.