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Find out what happened to Lindsay Lohan in Planet Fitness Super Bowl commercial

The Mean Girl starts to be nice to herself in ad for your favorite local gym that makes it really hard to cancel a membership

Lindsay Lohan attends the Channel 10 Marquee on Melbourne Cup Day at Flemington Racecourse on November 05, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. Photo by James Gourley/Getty Images

We don’t hear as much from Lindsay Lohan these days, unless she’s getting engaged to a VP of Credit Suisse randomly and it catches the end of your Apple News feed.

But there was no bigger It Girl in the early 2000’s, and sometimes that came with some problems away from the set that dwarfed what happened on-screen.

Lindsay Lohan Super Bowl commercial: Planet Fitness

A couple DUI’s and paparazzi-enabled incidents later, the Freaky Friday and Parent Trap star was now in your supermarket checkout aisle more than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups right through the Obama administration.

But coming out the other side of starlet-dom in a good place and seemingly happy makes for quality laugh-at-yourself content. Lohan has done self-effacing before, and it’s nice to see her be able to have a bit of perspective on a life lived in the public eye.

And it’s good to see Dennis Rodman was available! What a get. And if William Shatner was smart, we hope he got the same deal he did from Priceline, but didn’t sell too early again.