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Opening coin toss results for Super Bowl 56

Prop bets are a fun way to make the Super Bowl a little more interesting. We take a look at the opening coin toss results for Super Bowl 56

UPDATE: The Rams were the visiting team, which means they made the call on the coin toss. LA picked tails and the coin came up heads. The Bengals won the toss and elected to defer to the second half. That means the Rams will start the game on offense.

And here’s a look at the reaction at the Circa in Las Vegas. A few people might have had a financial interest in the results out there.

Super Bowl LVI is officially underway as the Cincinnati Bengals and LA Rams will each look to bring home the Lombardi Trophy. Mickey Guyton kicked things off with the National Anthem this year, prepping us all for the showdown.

Ahead of the game, DraftKings Sportsbook gave even odds for the coin toss results with heads and tails both sitting at -105. They also gave the Bengals and Rams even odds to win the coin toss at -105.

We’ll be tracking prop bet outcomes for Super Bowl LVI so be sure to check back as the game closes out to see how you’ve performed.