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How to watch the Puppy Bowl online via live stream

The cutest event of the NFL season is upon us. We break down how to watch the 2022 Puppy Bowl online via live stream.

The event of the football season is upon us! Super Bowl? No, no I am of course referring to the Puppy Bowl! The cutest sporting event of the year comes to you live on Sunday, February 13th with the pre-game show starting at 1:00 p.m. ET. Kickoff for the event will be at 2:00 p.m. ET so set your alarms to cheer on Team Ruff or Team Fluff!

The first-ever Puppy Bowl aired alongside Super Bowk XXIX in 2005. Each of the puppies that participate is from shelters and all of them are up for adoption. The entire purpose of the Puppy Bowl is to raise awareness about adopting pets and reducing abandoned animals. #AdoptDontShop.

If you are a stickler for rules, this may not be the event for you. Any time a toy is carried across a goal line, a touchdown is awarded but there are other times that points will be awarded for good sportsmanship or playing well with others. Don’t think it is lawless out on the turf though, as penalties can be awarded for any pups relieving themselves on the field among other things.

If you aren’t a dog person, don’t worry! The Kitty Half-Time Show has been around since Puppy Bowl II and they serve as the halftime entertainment for the game. The cute kittens are also up for adoption.

The Puppy Bowl is set to air on Animal Planet, but if you’re not around a TV, there will still be ways to watch. They’ll live stream the event on Discovery+, which you’ll need a valid login to access. Membership is $4.99 per month, or if you’re a Verizon customer, some unlimited plans come with access to Discovery+, so be sure to check that option out.