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How Cooper Kupp could win MVP of Super Bowl 56

Cooper Kupp has the best odds of any non-quarterback to win the award.

When the Los Angeles Rams meet the Cincinnati Bengals on the field for Super Bowl LVI on Sunday, everybody in black and orange will want to know where Cooper Kupp is at all times.

The Rams wideout won the triple crown, receiving yards, catches and touchdowns, this season. He’s been an absolute star on offense for LA and one of the biggest reasons Matthew Stafford has found such quick success in his first year with a team outside of Detroit. That’s why he has the best odds out of any non-quarterback to win Super Bowl MVP. But what does he have to do to outshine Stafford and come away with this award?

Well, it won’t be easy. The pure sentimental value attached to Stafford finally having success after a great career surrounded by misery in Detroit will make it hard for people to want to vote for Kupp. Plus whatever Kupp does, Stafford is attached to it by throwing him the ball, so any stats Kupp gets Stafford will get too.

Realistically, the Rams will have to win the game, obviously. Kupp will probably need well over 100 yards receiving and at least one score. The yards shouldn’t be too tough, Kupp has 13 games this season where he’s gone for over 100 yards, including three where he’s eclipsed 150. He’s gearing up to do it too, with 147 yards and two scores and 183 yards and one touchdown over the last two weeks.

If he can replicate either of those performances, he’ll have a good chance to be just the eighth WR to come away with the MVP. His odds currently sit at +600 to win the award, with 14% of the handle and 13% of bets on him to accomplish it.